Case Study

Western Australia Engineering

  • Documented a company roadmap to plan and initiate a migration to SharePoint Online / Office365 with support from external consultants
  • Initiated a long-term project to migrate to SharePoint Online / Office365
  • Implemented a new consolidated SharePoint 2013 Farm reducing the SharePoint and SQL server count, decreasing licensing costs and improving performance
  • Implemented a new consolidated document management system, in SharePoint Online, using content organiser features and a custom (C#, CSOM) console/timer application which managed complex metadata and security requirements
  • Using PowerShell scripts and ShareGate migration tool, audited and analysed the existing SharePoint 2010 intranet usage. Trimmed and archived outdated content and update required remaining content. Redesigned the information architecture and implemented “look and feel” changes in line with company branding
  • Redesigned the “Processes, procedures and forms” system to be more usable and promote better information management. Created direct integration of forms and processes which were held and displayed in an external 3rd party application with seamless integration
  • Developed multiple PowerShell scripts and modules to carry out audit and maintenance tasks