Case Study

Power Platform Development

Power BI – Replacement of existing SQL reports for data visualisation

  • Set up an on-premises Data Gateway for access to on-premises SQL data collated nationally
  • Set up a PowerBI report to replace the existing manual SQL reports, a manual process performed monthly by one user for 125 different companies to produce analytic reports to partnership members
  • Set up enhanced visualisations of the data for Management Information reports
  • Create a process using slicers to allow the report to be adjusted monthly for each company

Flow to automate creation of Business Information News

  • Migrate existing data to SharePoint Online
  • Flow to collate required information from multiple lists and produce a template PDF report uploaded to a secure library for access by individual partnership members
  • Folder system for complex security requirements

Park Facilities Management

  • SharePoint Online list with customised PowerApps form
  • Prevent double booking of facilities within the PowerApps form
  • Calendar view of existing bookings within the PowerApps form
  • Bookings to span multiple days and relate to different facilities

Secure Occupational Health Booking System

  • SharePoint Online lists for data storage and administration
  • PowerApps Canvas App for calendar booking system, team administration and scheduling future appointments
  • Power Automate Flow to schedule weekly appointment slots, each schedule is unique to each individual team member and can be modified in the canvas app
  • Individual user, daily all users and weekly calendar views within the PowerApp allowing visual display of booked appointments and empty appointments
  • Allow creation of empty appointment slots, empty appointments can be allocated to users within the PowerApp
  • Notification and reminder system for users when appointments are due

Events Booking System

  • Power Automate flow for automation of process
  • Allow creation of new and upcoming events, events have limited spaces available
  • Allow users to request to attend the event or allow user to register as a reserve should a space become available
  • One click attend request from SharePoint list screen, parameters passed to custom list form for confirmation
  • Automate notification emails to users including a 7 day reminder when an event is due
  • Automate reserve process, a user can cancel an attend request and the Flow will automatically assign the first reserve to attend the event and notify
  • Allow cancellation of events and notify attendees and reserves
  • One click creation of a duplicate event

Power User Hub

  • SharePoint Online Communication site, custom list views (JSON formatting), customise PowerApps forms, Power Automate flow for automation of processes
  • Sign up form
  • Session logging system, allow users to log work completed as a Digi Guru, work completed is rewarded with points
  • Points system and tiered badges, Power Automate Flow to automate points and badge awards
  • Awards list using random words, badge information, profile information and session information to create random sentences notifying of an award or session logged on the communication site screen, custom list view (JSON Formatted) to display award and branding based on badge awarded
  • Scoreboard system with custom list view formatting to show user profiles, badges awarded and points achieved
  • Digi Guru profile custom list view formatting to show users profile information and sessions logged
  • Branded Communication site with Digi Guru information, score boards, awards logged, digi guru profiles
  • Email notification system for Digi Guru administrative team

Equality impact Assessment

  • SharePoint Online Communication site, SharePoint lists, PowerApps canvas app for dynamic form, Power Automate Flow for approval and publishing
  • Dynamic form allowing users to complete a screening form, results of screening form can result in full assessment requirement, full assessment completed within the same canvas app
  • Allow saving of form and returning to edit, all entries secure, only creator can view
  • In form links to reference material related to screening form, reference information opens within the canvas app
  • Reference material input to SharePoint Online list and displayed within canvas App alongside dynamic form with dynamic table of contents and ability to filter specific sections as required within the dynamic form
  • Power Automate Flow for submission process converts form to a publishable PDF and sends for approval by senior manager, allows comments and resubmission as required

Transportation requests dynamic form

  • SharePoint Online Communication site, SharePoint lists, PowerApps canvas app for dynamic form, Power Automate Flow for approval
  • Custom form within Power App canvas app using tabs and multiple forms, required tabs and forms are adjusted based on selections in the initial form
  • In form validation checking, visual display on tabs to support user when completing the form
  • Submission collates all form data and selects a relevant template to produce a PDF version
  • Power Automate Flow to create PDF submission and send for approval using out of the box approvals and email notifications to final team

External publishing automation

  • SharePoint Online Communication site, SharePoint list custom PowerApps form, Power Automate Flow for submission
  • Allow creation of notice to be published externally by media providers, allow a single notice to be sent to multiple different publishers
  • Draft, Approval and final submission stages for notice
  • Internal approval Flow by team leaders and senior managers
  • External email to required external parties with secure access to notice and capture of external approval and invoicing
  • Power Automate Flow for final invoicing system to finance team